Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Rainer Göhner retires from Arnold Andre. Earlier this week, managing director for Arnold Andre cigars, Rainer Göhner retired. It is a well-deserved retirement after serving the company in several roles over the last 33 years. During his decades’ long tenure Göhner affected both Arnold Andre and the cigar industry significantly.

International expansion

Under the guidance of Göhner, sales companies opened in Portugal and France. Plus Arnold Andre Dominicana was established. The focus to open a Dominican factory initially was to relocate the bobbin winding from Indonesia to the newly founded plant. Bobbin winding is a mechanic way to wrap machine-made cigars. It’s an invention created by Royal Agio Cigars from The Netherlands.

Today, 8 years later, in addition to the bobbin mill, a cigar factory has also been established. A manufacturer that produces 100% short fillers as well as high-quality hand-rolled cigars. A very decisive, forward-looking step for the company for Rainer Göhner was the repurchase of the shares in Swedish Match by Axel-Georg André. The company was and is now 100% family-owned. 

Ministry of Cigars - Rainer Göhner retires from Arnold Andre


Arnold Andre was founded in 1817, and exactly 200 years later, the family repurchased the shares that were in the hands of Swedish Match. The 7th generation of the Andre family is now the owner of the company. The company is based in Bünde, East Westphalia. Bünde is the heart of the German cigar industry with the three oldest German cigar manufacturers in the city limits. Woerman Cigars and Schuster Cigars are friendly competition.

Famous brands from Arnold Andre are the machine-made Handelsgold and Clubmaster. When it comes to premium handmade cigars, Arnold Andre is responsible for Carlos Andre, Beast, Montosa, and Buena Vista.

Arnold Andre has locations in Bunde and Konigslutter in Germany, offices in Portugal, and France. Plus the factory in the Dominican Republic. Its products are available in 80 countries worldwide. Arnold Andre employs around 850 people internationally. The knowledge of Rainer Göhner won’t be lost, as he is appointed as a full member of the Strategic Consilium by Alex-George Andre.

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