Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Purosever and Oliva event in Turkey. Purosever Club organized 49th Herf with the biggest cigar event ever to take place in Turkey. Last Friday, the club held it’s 49th gathering at a venue on the banks of the Bosporus strait in Istanbul, Turkey. And Thomas Gryson, the face for the Oliva and J. Cortes brands in Europe, was invited to educate the Purosever members on the brands he represents.


Ten years ago, a few cigar enthusiasts from Turke founded the Purosever cigar group. One of them is Çağdaş Çıldır. He’s been a board member since the start. And until recently, he was responsible for several brands in Azerbaijan, but he left the company in the former Soviet state a few weeks ago for new adventures. One of the brands was Oliva Cigars, and because of his warm contacts with the brand he managed Thomas Gryson to come over for the even.

The event, which included a VR tour through the tobacco fields from the Oliva company. That supported the lecture of Thomas Gryson and was the closest encounter with a tobacco field for most of the participants. The event was exclusive for members of Purosever, and there was no admission.

Ministry of Cigars Purosever and Oliva event in Turkey
the J. Cortes & Oliva VR Experience

Purosever started as an online forum, with members from all over Turkey. And now there are three chapters. One in Istanbul, one in Ankara and one in Eskişehir. Every two months, there is a big gathering or herf as they are also called. They take place in Eskişehir, Istanbul or Ankara on a rotating schedule. The 10th anniversary was the biggest event so far, but who knows what the future brings.

Turkish cigar aficionados are invited to join the Purosever forum and be part of the growing community of Turkish brothers of the leaf. And sisters of the leaf of course. The only way to join the club is per invitation, so get to know a member and let them invite you. And be welcome at the next big gathering in Turkey, wherever that may take place and whoever might be the special guest.

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