Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Puro Sabor festival back in 2020. The Nicaraguan cigar festival is back on the calendar. It’s the third biggest cigar festival in the world. The festival was canceled in 2019 due to political unrest in Nicaragua. But the situation has calmed down enough to invite cigar smokers back to the country.

The Puro Sabor website shows the dates of 22 to 25 of January as festival dates. That’s a month before the Dominican festival Procigar, which is held from 18 till 21st of February. And the best-known cigar Festival, the Habanos Festival in Cuba. That will take place during the same week as Procigar, from February 15th till 21st.

Hiatus due to political and social unrest

It will be the 8th time that Puro Sabor will take place. It started small in 2010 and 2011. Then the festival stopped for two years to come back with a better structure. And it worked, the festival grew but last year the Nicaraguan Tobacco Association had to make the call to cancel. The political protest against President Daniel Ortega got out of control. Riots occurred, hundreds of people got killed. Roadblocks appeared on the Pan-American highway. The situation was just too dangerous to organize the festival.

During the riots, some factories were forced to shut down. One factory got raided when government supporting militias were looking for weapons. Others just couldn’t get enough rollers to come to the factory as it was not safe for them to travel to work. Even though politically nothing has changed, the situation has calmed down. Enough for the Nicaraguan Tobacco Association to decide to organize the festival again.

Details about the event have not been revealed yet. Just that the Puro Sabor festival back in 2020. When the tickets go on sale and the prices have yet to be announced. We will report on that as soon as more details emerge. What’s included is shown on the picture below.

Ministry of Cigars Puro Sabor festival back in 2020
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