Date: March 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Protecting the legacy podcast with us as a special guest. Yes, we made our debut on a podcast, as a special guest. And that podcast is Protecting the Legacy with Kerr Viajante, Dr. Gaby Kafie, and Armen Caprielian. 

The reason

A few weeks ago, we published an opinion article in which we suggested getting rid of the term boutique. That sparked a discussion and was the inspiration for Protecting the Legacy to dedicate almost a complete podcast to that article. The point we were trying to make didn’t come across, so we accepted their invitation to be a guest at the show. But not before trying to explain my point in a follow-up article.

Last Sunday, I joined the podcast from my little corner of the world. And I think that the point that I tried to make in the opinion piece did come across in spoken word. But that’s not all, we also discussed the HR 2239 bill as it had just passed the House of representatives. We discussed if it was a good thing, a bad thing, and what will happen in the senate.


During the podcast, I mentioned to both Kerr Viajante and Armen Caprielian that I never had the pleasure to try any of their cigars. Viajante is the man behind Stogie Roads Cigars and the Stogie Roads shows on social media. Caprielian is one of the two founders of DAV Cigars. Both promised to change that and will ship us some cigars. So keep an eye out for reviews. The third host, Dr. Gaby Kafie from Tabacalera Kafie generously offered some cigars as well, even though we have already reviewed the Kafie 1901 Sumatra and the Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro.

Now sit back and enjoy two hours of cigar conversation on Protecting the Legacy, a podcast by the Boutique Cigar Association of America.

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