Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Pronica donates 34.950 dollars to charity. The charity, founded by Sasja Van Horssen of Longfiller Company, revealed the amount they managed to make for 2018 during an event last Saturday. The event took place at Van Horssen’s flagship store Cigaragua, in Amsterdam’s museum quarter.


Van Horssen founded Pronica January first, 2015. He was inspired by Joya de Nicaragua’s Juan Martinez. During an event in The Netherlands, Martinez mentioned Fe Y Alegria. Fe Y Alegria is a foundation with schools all over Latin America. They offer free education, including school uniforms, study materials, and school lunches. Joya de Nicaragua is one of the sponsors for the Fe Y Alegria in Esteli.

Early 2015, right after founding the charity, Van Horssen was able to visit the school. He met with the school director, a nun with an incredible passion for the cause. A small, elderly but with an enormous strength to give the children a better future. That visit only inspired Van Horssen to make the charity a huge success.

Longfiller Company

Van Horssen uses his import and distribution company to raise money for Pronica. For every Nicaraguan his company, Longfiller Company sells to retailers, he donates ten dollar cents to Pronica. And being the largest independent cigar distributor, that means a lot of money. The charity also got donations from other companies. In 2017, Royal Agio donated a substantial amount, J Cortes has been donating for years and now others are chipping in as well.

For 2018, Pronica managed to raise $34.950. That includes donations from J. Cortes and Leaf Masters Dubai. Both companies donated $5000 each. The Run 4 Pronica campaign brought in $1260. Other donations came from Oliva’s Brian Shapiro and regulars of the Cigaragua shop.

Ministry of Cigars Pronica donates 35.000 dollars to charity
Van Horssen and the Cigar Journal award for Pronica

Joining Pronica

If you are a cigar importer and distributor, and you want to join Pronica just reach out. We are more than happy to get you in contact with Van Horssen. And Van Horssen would love for other distributors, all over the world, to join the charity. The more, the merrier. Even though his charity is already making a difference, and has already been awarded the Cigar Journal Charity Awards, he wants more. He wants more children to be able to get an education. If it’s up to Pronica, Esteli is just a start. The dream is to raise enough money on a yearly basis to fund more schools in Nicaragua.

Pronica is not the only sponsor for the school. Joya de Nicaragua is another provider. And they help to ensure that the Pronica funds will be used in the best possible way for the children. The English author Nick Hammond is donating ten percent of the revenue of his new book too. That book, Around The World In 80 Cigars, is now available for pre-order.

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