Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Product review: Select Draw Cigar Cutter. Innovations make or break an industry. And innovation there is in the cigar industry. New blends, new tobaccos, new shapes as the La Flor Dominicana Chisel or the Alec Bradley Diamond Rough Cut. But also New packaging and new concepts. But when it comes to accessories, there’s little real innovation.

When it comes to lighters, some innovations have been seen in the last few years. Bugatti came out with a huge innovation, although that concept hasn’t gone viral yet. New types of flames have been invented. But on the cutter department, it’s limited to new designs such as the Xikar XO cutter, which is actually the regular cutter in a new shape. The last big innovation in the cigar cutter department was the Shuriken Cutter, which was released in 2011. And failed hard, because it was a bad concept.

Ministry of Cigars Product review: Select Draw Cigar Cutter
the failed Shuriken cutter

Select Draw Cigar Cutter

A few months ago, we saw the Select Draw Cigar Cutter on facebook. And we wrote about it, as we love innovation. And this innovation looked promising. Not only promises the Select Draw Cigar Cutter a different smoke sensation, but it claims you can use it to make your cigar milder as well. And we tried it.

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is versitile. You can use it to punch several holes in the cap. Or to punch holes on the side of the cap, which is called the side draw. Or both. And this is what we tried for our review. One thing is for sure, you won’t get loose tobacco in your mouth with the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. We punched a cross in the cap, and holes in the side for the side draw.

The first thing we notice is that the Select Draw Cigar Cutter created a tight draw when you smoke a cigar with your lips. So if you are one of the smokers that put the cigar to the lips and puffs, this might not be your cutter. But if you’re part of the group that likes to put the cigar in the mouth to puff, when you’re in for a treat. Because of the many holes all around the cigar of the cap, the smoke hits the palate from all angles. And that creates a different mouthfeel. It gives the smoke another dimension, a very pleasant dimension. Many of our friends and readers smoke that way, and for them, the Select Draw Cigar Cutter is a must-try accessory.

What else can the Select Draw Cigar Cutter do?

The inventor of the Select Draw Cigar Cutter claims that by punching 3 holes on opposite sides of the cigar, you can change the strength. Cover the holes and the cigar has the normal strength, as the blender intended. But open the holes, and the cigar becomes milder. Sceptic as we are, we tried that out. And surprisingly it works. Because there are holes on opposite sides of the cigar, it does not create a false draw. The air flow maintains perfect. And the cigar feels minder, but that could also be the power of imagination.

The final use that we could think of, is a nub tool. If you’re smoking a cigar to the nub, but don’t want your finger to burn, the Select Draw Cigar Cutter is perfect. A lot of cigar smokers use toothpicks, but with that, there’s always a risk of the cigar moving around on just one spike. With the Select Draw Cigar Cutter, the nub is secured with 3 spikes. We have one suggestion for the men behind the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. At the 2.0 version, make sure that the screw cap can double as a cigar rest. That would make the Select Draw Cigar Cutter even more versatile.

Our conclusion: worthy accessory, especially for the mouth smokers.

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