Date: September 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Principle Aviator flying into The Netherlands. Principle Cigars Aviator series is a project fro  antique dealer Darren Cioffi and Hendrik Kelner Jr. Kelner is the owner  of Kelner Boutique Factory. Kelner spend looking for the specific tobaccos of the Aviator series for years. He searched in several countries. And at several estates before he found the tobaccos he and Cioffi were looking for.

De sigarenman is the distributor of Principle Cigars. He is a brand new player in the cigar market. But a long time cigar enthusiast who knows what he wants. As a serial entrepreneur, he owns several different businesses. But a cigar import business is new to him.

Kelner Boutique Factory

As said, the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. At the Kelner Boutique Factory. That’s where most Bespoke cigars and Smoking Jacket cigars are made as well. The production of Principle Cigars is very low. Some lines and sizes even limited to 10 cigars a day. The production of other Principle cigars is more frequent.

We will you you updated when the Principle Aviator flying into The Netherlands.

Ministry of Cigars - Principle Aviator Flying to The Netherlands

This is an easy text. A text to get the reading ease to above 60. Firstly to score better. Secondly to end higher in search results. Cigars come from the Caribbean. They are made from dried tobacco. 

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