Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Plasencia unveils the Alma del Fuego. That’s the third blend in the Alma series that the company is releasing. In total, Plasencia has 5 Alma blends planned, three down, two to go. With the Alma series, Plasencia is trying to capture the soul of the cigar.


The Alma del Fuego means Soul of Fire. And that’s a perfect fit for this cigar, as it is grown between two fires. Sun Grown wrappers and volcanic soil. With this cigar, Plasencia declares its love for the volcanic island of Ometepe. That’s the fourth largest tobacco growing area of Nicaragua. The bigger and better-known areas are Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli. And for the Alma del Fuego, the company relies heavily on tobacco from the island.

All the tobacco in the cigar comes from Nicaragua. And all is grown by the Plasencia family. But the trick with tobacco from Ometepe is to age it. It just needs more time according to Nestor Andres Plasencia. So the Ometepe tobacco in this Alma del Fuego is aged for seven years. One of the two binders in this cigar is from Ometepe. And about fifty percent of the filler comes from the island. The wrapper comes from Jalapa and is sun grown. From which parts of Nicaragua, the other tobacco comes from was undisclosed.

The packaging

Plasencia Cigars created heavy boxes for the Alma series. And the top of the boxes is designed to double as ashtrays. That was the case for the Alma Fuerte and the Alma del Campo. And the Alma del Fuego follows that line of packaging. The boxes are red, with a pewter logo in the center of the top and ashtray.The cigars are box-pressed and available in three sizes. Those are a 5×50 Robusto with the name Candente. There’s a 6×54 Toro with the name Concepcion. Finally, there’s a 6 1/2×38 Panatela with the name Flama. The cigars are packed with 10 in a box.

Ministry of Cigars - Plasencia unveils the Alma del Fuego
photo courtesy of Plasencia Cigars
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