Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Plasencia Orchant Selección released. Recently, during The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show Episode 19, Mitchell Orchant dropped the name of the new Orchant Seleccion Limited Edition. The 2020 version of these C.Gars Ltd/Turmeaus exclusive cigars are from no other than Plasencia Cigars.

In total 375 boxes of the Plasencia Orchant Seleccion are available. Each box contains 8 cigars. All in a toro size. The cigars are blended by the master blenders of Plasencia cigars in collaboration with Mitchell Orchant and a select panel of British smokers. They smoked several test blends, and with their feedback, the final blend was created. 

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Plasencia Orchant Selection released

Orchant Seleccion

It all started close to 20 years ago. The British Habanos distributor Hunters & Frankau allowed Mitchell Orchant to select between 32 and 64 boxes of certain cigars of which he thought were outstanding. He looked for specific factory coded, rolling dates, wrappers and all. The cigars he found to be excellent received his stamp of approval. Those cigars were ringed with a secondary band and sold as the Orchant Seleccion.

Orchant still works with Hunters & Frankau and Cuban cigars for the Orchant Seleccion. But the program expanded. In the last few years, several New World cigar brands created a limited edition Orchant Seleccion. Again, with the stamp of approval from Mitchell Orchant. Before a cigar is released, many test blends are smoked by Orchant and his test panel. Once a final blend is selected, a limited number of cigars are rolled. These cigars are only sold at C.Gars Ltd and the connected Turmeaus Tobacconists in the United Kingdom.

Ministry of Cigars - Plasencia Orchant Selection released

New World Orchant Seleccion

In the recent few years, several brands made cigars under the Orchant Seleccion flag. And Orchant doesn’t discriminate. The cigars hailed from the three largest manufacturers of New World Cigars. Davidoff made a Dominican Orchant Seleccion. Alec Bradley made them in Honduras. Oliva, Regius, and Drew Estate make them in Nicaragua. Reviews of the Drew Estate Lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight were published on here. Just as a review of the Alec Bradley Orchie, Pointy, and Twisty. And now Plasencia is adding to the list. The cigars from Plasencia are coming from the Nicaraguan factory of Plasencia, known as the cathedral de tobacco.

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