Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Plasencia Cosecha 146 now in Angola. The cigar, that is made from the 146th harvest ever done by the Plasencia family was released last year. And now it made it’s way to the African country of Angola. Primazia Decorama is the official distributor.

The Plasencia family has been in tobacco for generations. And the harvest of 2011/2012 was the 146th harvest in the family history. That tobacco, both grown in Nicaragua and Honduras, was partially used for this special line. The tobacco comes from specially selected plantations, owned by the Plasencia family. With a Honduran wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from both countries. The Plasencia family is one of the largest tobacco growers in the cigar industry with plantations all over Latin America. Ministry of Cigars spoke briefly with Nestor Andres Plasencia about the cigar during the 2018 Intertabac trade show in Dortmund.

Plasencia Family

The history of the Plasencia family traces back to Cuba. It started in 1865 when Don Eduardo Plasencia left his native Canary Islands to grow tobacco in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. The second generation opened another plantation at the turn of the century. The third generation of the family started to export tobacco in the early 1920s. And then disaster struck in the form of Fidel Castro. In 1959 the revolution took place in Cuba. And in 1963, the farms were confiscated by the new regime. The Plasencia family fled to Mexico and later relocated to Nicaragua. Sixto Plasencia started from scratch in Nicaragua.

And 13 years later, another revolution forced the Plasencia too fled again. The Sandinistas burned the plantation and Plasencia found refuge in Honduras. The fourth-generation Plasencia, Nestor Senior, started making cigars as well. That was in the mid-1980s. And in 1990, it was safe enough to return to Nicaragua and reboot the business there. Both as tobacco growers but also as cigar manufacturers. Nowadays, Plasencia is the largest tobacco grower with plantations in Nicaragua and Honduras. And with 4 factories, they produce millions of cigars. Not just for themselves, but also cigars for many other brands. 

Ministry of Cigars - Plasencia Cosecha 146 Angola

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