November 2020

Plasencia celebrates the Chinese New Year. The world-famous tobacco growers and cigar manufacturers are joining a growing list of companies that release a cigar based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. And Plasencia is doing it successfully, all 2500 boxes sold out within two hours of the announcement within the Plasencia global distribution network. The Plasencia distributors have faith in this ultra-premium limited edition.

For decades, Plasencia is producing cigars for other brands. Only in the last few years, the family is releasing cigars bearing the Plasencia name. Creating this limited edition is also a thermometer on there the brand is today, And what direction Plasencia cigars is heading. 

Year of the Ox 

2021 is the year of the ox. The ox is a valued animal because of its positive characteristics. The ox is hard-working, honest, and a reliable asset in the agricultural sector. The Plasencia family recognizes those traits and qualities as they share them. Hard-working, honest, and without the Plasencia family, the cigar landscape would look completely different. The Plasencia’s make so many cigars for other brands, both in Honduras and Nicaragua. But without their tobacco growing and cultivation operations, the industry would collapse.

For the first Plasencia limited edition, and the first Plasencia Chinese Zodiac inspired cigars, a unique shape is picked. A 7×58 Salomones. All the tobacco is from Plasencia farms in Nicaragua. The family is involved from the seed to the final packaging of the cigar. The seeds are a variety of spices. Only the best are selected, year after year, until they are a perfect expression of what a cigar is intended to be. The MSRP is 35 USD per cigar in the United States, most European countries price it at 35 Euro. Yet different taxes may influence the prices a bit. The price of €35 per cigar is a fact in The Netherlands and Germany. The press release did not reveal why the cigar is this expensive.

Understanding the past opens the gates of the future. That philosophy brings Plasencia to recover an ancient technique of aging tobacco. Wrappers are entirely selected and aged in handfuls of leaves folded delicately facing each other to get the immaculate appearance. Aging happens patiently for many years until they meet Plasencia’s standards of perfection. 


Even when it comes to packaging, Plasencia honors Chinese tradition. For many Chinese, 8 is a magic number. In Chinese mythology, that number stands for wealth. So Plasencia packs 8 Year of the Ox cigars in a box. The color red is representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success, and good fortune in Chinese culture. So the box is red. The printing on the box is gold. In Chinese culture, gold stands for wealth and riches. That’s why the colors red and gold are so prominent in the Chinese culture. The traditional red packages that are given to elders, children, and unmarried family members are often red with gold. Those packages, called ang bao, contain money, preferably crisp, brand new notes, and in an amount ending with 8.

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