Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

The Royal Cigar Company, distributor of Drew Estate and others in Switzerland, has brought in all kinds of Flying Pigs. They also harmonised the prices of the different Undercrown lines so every size is priced the same, no matter what the blend is.

New to the market are the Undercrown Sun Grown Flying Pig, Undercrown Shade Flying Pig, Undercrown Maduro Flying Pig, Liga Privada #9 Flying Pig and the Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig.


Undercrown is available in three blends in Switzerland, the maduro, the shade and the sun grown.

The Undercrown Sun Grown is made from Nicaraguan filler, a stalk cut Connecticut binder from the Connecticut River Valley and a sun grown Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador. Available are the Flying Pig, Robusto, Belicoso and Gordito

The Undercrown Shade is the mildest Undercrown. Made with tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, with an Ecuadorian binder. The wrapper is a Connecticut Shade from Ecuador. The Coronets, Flying Pig, Robusto, Corona, Gran Toro, Belicoso, Gordito and Corona Doble are available in Switzerland.

The Undercrown Maduro is made from Brazilian and Nicaraguan filler, a binder from the USA and a Mexican Maduro wrapper. Available in the sizes Flying Pig, Robusto, Belicoso, Gordito and Corona Doble.

The prices are

Undercrown Shade Coronets 4×32 CHF 2,40
Undercrown Shade Corona 5⅔x46 CHF 11,00
Undercrown Shade/SunGrown/Maduro Robusto 5×54 CHF 12,00
Undercrown Shade/SunGrown/Maduro Belicoso 6×52 CHR 12,50
Undercrown Shade Gran Toro 6×52 CHF 12,50
Undercrown Shade/Maduro Corona Doble 7×54 CF 12,80
Undercrown Shade/SunGrown/Maduro Flying Pig 4×60 CHF 13,90
Undercrown Shade/SunGrown/Maduro Gordito 6×60 CHF 14,50

undercrown logo


The other offerings from Drew Estate in Switzerland are the infamous Liga Privada. Both the #9, made from Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, Brazilian binder and an American wrapper and the T52, with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, a Brazilian binder and an American Stalk Cut wrapper.

Liga Privada #9 Coronet 4×32 CHF 2,65
Liga Privada #9/T52 Robusto 5×54 CHF 17,90
Liga Privada #9/T52 Toro 6×52 CHF 18,90
Liga Privada #9/T52 Belicoso 6×52 CHF 18,90
Liga Privada #9/T52 Flying Pig 4×60 CHF 18,90
Liga Privada #9/T52 Corona Doble 7×54 CHF 21,50

From the Liga Privada Unico series The Royal Cigar Company offers the following sizes:
Unico Papas Fritas 4½x44 CHF 7,50
Unico L40 7×40 CHF 16,00
Unico Dirty Rat 5×44 CHF 17,20
Unico Feral Flying Pig 5⅓x60 CHF 23,00
Unico UF-13 5½x54 CHF 24,00


My Uzi Weighs a Ton, or MUWAT as the line is called nowadays is also available. 7 sizes of this line are available, from small to super huge. The filler is from Nicaragua and Brazil, the binder comes from Ecuador and the wrapper from Mexico.

MUWAT Baitfish Gary 4×44 CHF 7,90
MUWAT Nightcrawler 4½x50 CHF 9,50
MUWAT +11 5½x52 CHF 10,80
MUWAT Double Robusto 5×60 CHF 12,50
MUWAT Gordo 6×60 CHF 13,80
MUWAT Super Gordo 7×60 CHF 14,50
MUWAT Giant Gordo 7×70 CHF 15,90


The Kentucky Fire Cured line shook the cigar industry by bringing back an old technic of curing tobacco over fire. That creates a different, smoked, aroma in the tobacco that you either love of hate. It’s an all Nicaraguan puro.

KFC Chunky 4×46 CHF 7,90
KFC Fat Molly 5×56 CHF 11,50
KFC Just a friend 6×52 CHG 11,90


And last but not least, the Larutan line. Now these cigars are not infused but they are aromatic. There is a distinct difference between both terms. The Larutans are sauced to get their unique flavor. The blend is tweaked for every single size, even the wrapper can change from vitola to vitola.

Larutan Juicy Lucy 3×38 CHF 7,40. * heavily sauced *
Larutan Dirt 4×43 CHF 10,50 * medium sauced *
Larutan Big Juicy 5×46 CHF 11,90 * heavily sauced *
Larutan Clean Robusto 5×51 CHF 13,50 * heavily sauced *
Larutan Dirt Torpedo 5×54 CHF 13,90 *medium sauced *
Larutan Root 5×55 CHF 15,20 * mildly sauced *
Larutan English 6×52 CHF 15,90 *medium sauced *
Larutan Dark Angel 6½x54 CHF 15,90 *not sauced *

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