Date: June 2021
Author: Inspector Z

Piedra Petit Caballeros now in Germany. Petit Caballeros is Jose L. Piedra’s first Robusto format Lovers of inexpensive Habanos have been waiting for a Robusto-like format from the José L. Piedra brand for a long time. One of these is now available for sale in Germany. 5th Avenue is introducing the band as we speak. 5th Avenue is the exclusive distributor for Habanos cigars in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

New size

The José L. Piedra Petit Caballeros has a length of 4¾ inches and a large ring gauge of 48. This size has the factory name Hermoso Corto. It is extremely comfortable to hold. Like the brand’s other formats, it is handcrafted from short-filler tobacco.

With the Petit Caballeros, the revised, more modern brand identity of José L. Piedra is presented for the first time. The logo was also updated on this occasion. Another new feature is that in the future all Piedras will be offered in bundles with 12 pieces, previously 25 pieces. The Petit Caballeros are also available in cardboard boxes of 3 pieces.

Jose L. Piedra history

José L. Piedra is a particularly remarkable Habano because the filler leaves not only come from the tobacco-growing zone Remedios, but the cigars are totalmente a mano, tripa corta – short fillers made entirely by hand.

The Piedra family moved from the Spanish province of Asturias to Cuba in the 1880s. They settled near the town of Santa Clara, in the heart of the Remedios region, where tobacco has been grown since the 16th century. There they began to make cigars. The second generation led by José Lamadrid Piedra founded and developed the brand as we know it today.

All José L. Piedra formats are produced using the traditional totalmente a mano, tripa corta process – they are completely hand-made short fillers. The price in Germany is €3,00 per cigar. Germany works with a fixed price system, the cigars will cost the same at every retailer.



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