Date: April 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Pick the right accessories. Cigar smoking isn’t a cheap hobby. Well, unless you smoke nothing but budget bundle brands such as Quorum or Private Stock. And the people who exclusively smoke cigars in the one or two dollar range aren’t the people that read cigar related articles online anyway. So smoking cigars comes at a price. Yet a lot of cigar smokers are too thrifty to spend a little extra on good accessories. That’s a mistake.

When it comes to lighters, it’s okay to be cheap. A cheap lighter will still light your cigar correctly. Just make sure the lighter uses an odorless and tasteless gas. Say no to lighter fluid, or any gasoline or oil-based lighters. They will destroy your cigar. Of course, having a good quality lighter can make your cigar life a bit easier, yet it is not a necessity. But a good humidor is. Your precious cigars should be stored under the right conditions for optimal enjoyment. The humidor should be airtight and hold humidity well. Don’t go cheap and buy an inferior product, potentially ruining your expensive collection of cigars 

Cutters and punches 

When you are just getting into the hobby, it’s normal that you don’t want to spend the equivalent of a few premium cigars for a cutter or a punch. And for the first few cigars, it’s perfectly fine to have a cheap plastic cutter or a cheap punch. But once you start to smoke more regularly, do yourself a favor. Buy some quality accessories. Yes, by using a cheap cutter you might save a few bucks but you increase the chance to destroy your cigar. And that will ultimately end up being more expensive than investing in a high-quality punch, cutter or cigar scissors.

Don’t fall for drop shippers

A lot of accessories are made in China. Some high-quality items but also a lot of cheap products. Some of those cheap products look good though, and there’s nothing wrong with an affordable ashtray, or even a cigar case for when you go out. And if you decide to shop for those Chinese items anyway, be aware of drop-shippers. There are a few websites out there that will just dropship. It means that the moment you order, they will place an order at a Chinese webshop such as wish or aliexpres but charge you considerably more than if you would order there directly. They don’t have stock, they don’t control shipping. They simply forward your order and add margins of 30% to 50%. No customer service whatsoever. 

These websites also like to spam Facebook cigar groups. Last year a lot of groups were bombarded with spam from and right now mrcigarr is doing the same. Most likely, both websites are owned and operated by the same people. They offer no added value but just add cost. So if you want to buy generic Chinese accessories, don’t use websites like these. Save yourself some money and go straight to the source. But even better, spend a little more and get some high-quality items from reputable brands with great customer service. In the end, that is the way to go.

Ministry of Cigars - Pick the right accessories
top picture price at drop shipper mrcigarr, bottom picture same product at aliexpress

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