November 2019

Phoenicia releases Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40. This 6½x54 Edicion Exclusiva will be released next week. On November 8th at a party in Beirut.

EDIT: News just came in that the party in Beirut is canceled due to social unrest in Lebanon.

Ten years ago, Phoenicia Trading released the Ramon Allones Phoenicia 30. That cigar is now considered to be one of the best Edicion Regional releases ever. And Phoenicia CEO Walid Saleh aims for an even better Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40. 

Saleh was named Habanos man of the year 2007.

Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40

All the tobacco for this limited and exclusive cigar comes from the farms of the legendary tobacco grower Hector Luis. And the production takes place at the Portages Factory. Master roller Jose ‘Cueto’ Castelar is responsible for overseeing the production.

The total production is capped at 450.000 cigars. Most of them will come in boxes of 20. 21.602 boxes to be precise. That comes down to 432.400 cigars. The remaining 17.600 cigars come in beautiful Elie Bleu humidors. The renowned French humidor maker designed five different humidors for the occasion. Of those humidors, the Journey is limited to 40 humidors with 40 cigars. The Phoenicians, Mediterranean, Volutes, and Horizon series are limited to 100 humidors of 40 cigars.

Ministry of Cigars Phoenicia Trading releases Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40

Phoenicia Trading

The distributor is the largest Habanos distributor in the world. Their territory stretches from Europe to Asia and most of Africa as well. In Europe, they supply Greece and Cyprus with Cuban cigars. In the middle east, they supply Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Bahrein, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Jordania, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. The Asian countries Afghanistan and Pakistan are supplied by Phoenicia Trading too. And all of Continental Africa, with the exception of South Africa, Marocco and Algeria is part of the Phoenicia Trading territory.

Even though this Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40 celebrates the 40th anniversary, Phoenicia Trading was only established in 1999. But the parent company has been around for another 20 years, distributing Cuban cigars.

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