June 2021

Phoenicia invites all to its birthday party. In late November of 2019, Phoenicia was planning to host its 40th birthday party in Beirut, Lebanon. But civil unrest and protests in the streets against the government made Phoenicia postpone the event. That it would be postponed for more than a year and a half, nobody could imagine. But it was the case, due to the global covid-19 pandemic. And now Phoenicia is taking the party online, for everyone to join.

So on June 23rd, at 8:30 Cyprus time (GMT+3), all cigar enthusiasts around the globe can join the largest exclusive distributor of Habanos cigars in the world for a toast. And during the celebration, Phoenicia will introduce two new cigars. Registering for the event is free via https://www.phoenicio40.com

The new releases

The first new release is the Ramon Allones Phoenicia 40. This 6½x54 Sublime will come in boxes of 10 and 20 cigars. But there is a special series of humidors. The series The Merchants and the Sea will also debut at the online event. The humidors come with cigars, cigars that have been aging in those humidors for three years.

The second introduction is the Quai D’Orsay Baalbeck Exclusivo Líbano. This is a Duke, 5½x54. But the thing that will excite collectors of Cuban cigars is the packaging. Slide boxes of 50 cigars instead of dress boxes of 10, 20, or 25. Collectors swear that 50 cabs are better for aging Habanos. There are 1200 boxes available. The name comes from the Baalbeck temple complex in Lebanon.


Phoenicia says it has some surprises from the original launching converted to the virtual stage. There will be speeches of Mr. Mohamed Zeidan, the Chairman, and Mr. Walid Saleh, CEO of Phoenicia Trading. Habanos will speech through Inocente Nuñez Blanco, Luís Sanchez-Harguindey, Leopoldo Cintra González, and José María Lopez Inchaurbe, Development Vice-president. Antoine Bathie, Co-President of Coprova, is also expected to speak. Coprova is the exclusive Habanos distributor in France.

Phoenicia is also promoting a Multinational Cigar Tasting Event that will happen simultaneously in 9 cities (Havana, Athens, Beirut, Dubai, Sofia, Kuwait, Limassol, London, and Brindisi) and will gather around 500 cigar enthusiasts in a big global virtual herf.


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