Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Phase 2 of FOH Auctions revealed. A few weeks ago, Friends of Habanos officially launched their Cuban Cigar Auction Platform, FOH Auctions. Today another press statement was released, announcing the second phase of the three step launching. Read the press release below.

Changes to Facebook and Instagram’s Terms of Service announced in late July which ban the sale, auction, and transfer of tobacco demonstrate why an independent Cuban cigar auction site is such a necessity,” comments Rob Ayala, CEO of Cuban cigar retailer and online forum Friends of Habanos (FOH) and Cuban cigar auction platform FOH Auctions.

As an independent platform that does not solely rely on any third-party social media platform for validation, marketing, or community-building, the FOH Forum and FOH Auctions will unlikely fall foul of social media tobacco policy engineering.

“Individuals, businesses, and groups using social media as their sole method of communicating and selling cigars need to consider alternatives now before the new social media platforms they are migrating to also introduce bans against the global cigar community. Not planning for such eventualities is simply kicking the can down the road,” said Ayala.

Impressive auction prices recorded for aged and rare Cuban Cigars

Phase 2 of FOH Auctions launching in October 2019 will allow select cigar collectors to list their cigars, and Phase 3 which will be an open market to sellers, will provide an alternative to social media for trading aged and rare cigars.

Since launching in May 2019, top auction results by marca/vitola are:

•           Cohiba Gran Reserva 2003 – USD 5000
•           Cohiba Behike 56 2010 – USD 2100
•           Diplomatico Bushido EL 2015 – USD 1900
•           Cohiba Behike 54 2010 – USD 2025
•           Cohiba Siglo VI 2007 – USD 2000
•           La Gloria Cubana Medaille D’or No.2 2007 – USD 1000
•           Cohiba 1966 2011 – USD 1500
•           Saint Luis Rey Double Corona 50 Cab 2007– USD 1405
•           Cohiba Behike 52 2011– USD 1250
•           Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona 50 Cab 2013 – USD 1220

“While these open market results are impressive, so too are the numbers of regular aged and rare cigar lots listed and auctioned successfully,” said Ayala. “FOH Auctions now has 871 registered members making 1400 individual site visits to per week. Over 320 boxes have been successfully auctioned since May, with an average auction price of USD$460.00.”


Friends of Habanos (FOH) forum and international and Australian online store brings cigar lovers from all corners of the world together, be it online or in person. Fraternity, Friendship, Laughter, and Loyalty: these are the very foundations upon which FOH is built. Our community was borne out of the love of Cuban cigars but defines itself by how it treats and interacts with its members. FOH was established in 2004 and has over 19200 global members.

Stage 1 of FOH Auctions will facilitate the exchange of Cuban cigars as held by members in their FOH lockers. This ensures provenance and will allow us to fine-tune the FOH Auction process over the coming months. Stage 2 of FOH Auctions will permit approved members to list stock held outside of the locker system. Stage 3 is an exciting development that will see FOH Auctions become a 24/7 global cigar exchange.

Ministry of Cigars Phase 2 of FOH Auctions revealed
Rob Ayala – Friends of Habanos CEO
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