December 2023

Partagas, a storied brand in the Habanos cigar world, has introduced its latest creation, the Linea Maestra Maestro. This new line, revealed at the Festival del Habano XXIII, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Linea Maestra stands out with its range of thicknesses, from 46 to 56 ring gauges, a first for the Cuban cigar conglomerate. It’s not just the size that’s impressive; Habanos S.A. has infused this line with a rich blend of history and craftsmanship. The Maestro is crafted to celebrate the origins, traditions, and mastery that transform a simple Habano into a ritualistic experience.

In our latest video on our YouTube channel, we provide an in-depth review of the Partagas Linea Maestra Maestro. This cigar is more than its dimensions; it introduces a striking aesthetic change with a blue band, contrasting the brand’s traditional bright red bands. This visual distinction is a bold move for Habanos and adds a unique character to the cigar.

We explore how the Linea Maestra Maestro performs, focusing on its distinct features. The cigar comes in 20-count boxes, termed “special cases” by the company, adding an extra layer of exclusivity. Through our review, viewers can discover if this cigar upholds the prestigious Partagas reputation and whether it’s more than just an attractive presentation.

Join us as we unravel the essence of the Partagas Linea Maestra Maestro and determine if it truly is a masterpiece for Habanos enthusiasts.

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