Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Partagas Linea Maduro available in France. Cuba and Maduro cigars, it’s a combination that is quite rare. Where Maduro wrappers are popular in any other premium cigar producing country, there are hardly any in Cuba. Even though the country has a reputation for growing fine wrappers.

Habano lovers had to wait until 2007 before a Cuban Maduro was released. In that year, Habanos released the Cohiba Linea Maduro 5. The 5 stands for the age of the wrapper. Not for the number of vitolas, as only three sizes were released in 2007. The line has not changed since. So only the 5½x52 Genios, 4½x52 Magicos, and 4⅜x40 Secretos are available.

Partagas Linea Maduro

It took Habanos almost a decade to release another Maduro line. In 2015, the joint venture between Imperial Tobacco and Cubatabaco released the Partagas Linea Maduro No.1. It is a Discretos size, 5⅛x52. Slightly larger and thicker than a classic Cuban robusto.

In 2018, two new sizes were added. The Partagas Linea Maduro No.2 is a 4¾x55 Short Pyramides. The Partagas Linea Maduro No.3 is a 5¾x50 Robusto Extra.

The three cigars from the Partagas Linea Maduro are now available in France. With prices of respectively 15.80 €, 16.20 €, and 17.20 €. The cigars are packed in dress boxes of 25 cigars. The number of Partagas Linea Maduro cigars allocated for France is limited. 

Ministry of Cigars - Partagas Linea Maduro available in France

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