Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Oscar Valladares opens European distribution company. This news comes just a few days after we broke the news that the German distributor of Oscar Valladares cigars discontinued the relationship. The reason for Paul Bugge GmbH to cut ties with OV Cigars is a series of false updates on delivery dates. After nine months of not getting honest updates, Paul Bugge GmbH bit the bullet and ended the partnership.

OV Cigars Europe

And now, just a few days later, a new company is emerging. OV Cigars Europe GmbH in Hechingen, Germany. The general manager of the company is Udo Fetzer. Fetzer is a former sales representative of Paul Bugge GmbH. The German website is not even online.

The whole situation raises a few questions. Starting a new company and finding the right general manager is a process that usually takes months. Since this is all happening within a week from the news that Paul Bugge GmbH discontinues the relationship, it makes people wonder. Was this all a deliberate scheme from Oscar Valladares to start European distribution by himself? Is feeding misinformation and delaying the delivery of a large order for months deliberate? Is Paul Bugge GmbH being played here?

Ministry of Cigars - Oscar Valladares opens European distribution company

Expected stock

On his personal Facebook, Udo Fetzer says that the first shipment from Oscar is arriving at the end of this month. Included in the shipment are the Super Fly and Ciseron series. These lines are new to the German market.

We reached out to Oscar Valladares, but just as last time the company refuses to comment. 

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