Date: March 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Oliva is responsible for the Nub size. The companies edgier think tank Studio Tobac came up with the concept for the short but fat cigar little over a decade ago. The blenders at Oliva’s Studio Tobac were discussing how to get the best flavor of the cigar, which usually appears in the last third of the cigar, into the whole cigar. Their solution was to pack the same amount of tobacco used in a regular robusto or toro sized cigar but then used in a short smoke. The Nub was born. And became an industry standard.

After much persuasion, Oliva released the Oliva series V nub which was available worldwide for a while but then disappeared from the European shelves, while still available in the USA. Now it’s back, only in The Netherlands though, on request of Oliva distributor Sasja van Horssen. He had a demand for the cigars in his Cigaragua shop. Oliva shipped 250 boxes, all with ten cigars, to the small Western European country. The price is set at €110 per box or €11 per cigar.

Oliva Series V Nub (photo credit: Sasja Van Horssen)
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