November 2023

The Oliva Advent Calendar for 2023 has made its way to cigar retailers in the United States. A unique and highly anticipated annual release, this cigar-themed Advent calendar features 25 cigars and a lighter, making it a delightful and unconventional way for cigar enthusiasts to count down to Christmas.

For the 2023 edition, the Oliva Advent Calendar is priced at $230, which represents a $10 increase compared to the previous year. It’s essential to note that this exclusive release is limited to just 5,000 boxes, creating a sense of rarity and desirability among aficionados.

While Oliva has not officially disclosed the specific cigars included in the 2023 Advent Calendar, listings from various retailers suggest that the line-up may mirror the one featured in the previous year’s edition. This diverse assortment typically includes both well-known and limited-release cigars that cater to various flavour profiles and preferences.

Some of the cigars that were part of last year’s calendar are:

  • Cain Daytona 550
  • NUb Cameroon 466
  • Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill
  • Oliva Master Blend 3 Robusto
  • Oliva Serie V Melanio Diadema
  • Oliva Gilberto Reserva Torpedo
  • And more, including a selection of non-regular production cigars

It’s noteworthy that the Advent calendar serves as a delightful and festive way for cigar enthusiasts to explore different blends and enjoy a variety of smoking experiences during the holiday season.

In addition to the U.S. release, Oliva has also ventured into the European market with its first-ever Advent calendar tailored for that region, offering European aficionados a unique opportunity to celebrate the season with a selection of cigars from the well-regarded brand.

Oliva’s Advent calendar is adorned with QR codes on the boxes, allowing recipients to access a website that provides more detailed descriptions of the cigars featured inside. The Advent calendar tradition is a cherished one, where numbered slots corresponding to each day of Advent are opened, often revealing candies or, in this case, premium cigars. Advent leads up to Christmas, concluding on December 24, Christmas Eve.

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