April 2020

Oliva to host e-tastings. Oliva Cigars is the next company to start with virtual gatherings. Yet just like Arturo Fuente & Meerapfel, they opted to do something special. Not just a virtual gathering with as many participants as possible. Instead, Oliva is hosting a real e-tasting where everyone smokes the same cigar. For that, J. Cortes and Oliva are working with the local distributors from all over The World.

The local distributors play a big part in the e-tastings. Each episode another local distributor will be the host, together with Oliva’s Export Manager & Travel Retail Coordinator Thomas Gryson,  Thomas Vermandele and Matisse De Wilde. International Brand AmbassadorBrian Shapiro will join where possible. The distributor will personally invite a select number of local cigar smokers. And they will pick a cigar from the Oliva portfolio to smoke. The invitees will all smoke the same cigar at the same time. Depending on the legislation in each different country, the cigars will either be sent to the invitees or they will be able to collect it at an Oliva point of sale.

Q&A plus tastings

When all the participants smoke the same cigar, there is one common subject to talk about. But there will be room for a Q&A with the export manager and the local distributor. Oliva will also show the new Oliva movie, which shows the plantations and the factories of Oliva in Nicaragua.

The first of the Oliva e-tastings will take place this Friday, 6 PM. The kick-off of the e-tastings will take place in Beirut with Danny Ibrahim from Fidel Cigars in Beirut. The cigar that the invitees will be smoking is the Oliva Series V Melanio Double Toro.

Ministry of Cigars - Oliva to host e-tastings
Thomas Gryson & Danny Ibrahim

Next sessions

Oliva is planning to do one or two of these e-tastings a week with its partners in Europe, Asia, the USA, Latin America, and Africa. So cozy up to your local Oliva distributor and you might get invited to the session with the Oliva distributor in your region.

Ministry of Cigars - Oliva to host e-tastings

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