October 2018

Oliva is available in a lot of countries, and since last week Azerbaijan can be added to the list. During an event at the most luxurious restaurant in Baku, L’ Avenue Restaurant, cigar distributer Çağdaş Çıldır introduced the brand to the Azerbaijani cigar aficionados during a cigar dinner last week.

During the event the attendees were able to smoke the Oliva serie V Gran Reserva Melanio Maduro robusto and a Davidoff Grand Cru #3. It was also the first time that Davidoff was included in an official cigar event in Azerbaijan, even though the brand was already on the market.

Çağdaş Çıldır

Not only the Oliva serie V Melanio will be sold in Azerbaijan. The Oliva Serie O, Serie G, Serie V, Serie V Melanio and Nub cigars will be for sale at local shops from today.
Oliva cigars

Oliva Serie O, this is a Nicaraguan puro. All tobacco comes from the same Habano seeds but are grown in different regions to create different characteristics. The tobacco from these cigars come from Esteli, Condega and Jalapa.

Oliva Serie G, the filler is a Nicaraguan Habano. The binder is a Cuban seed Habano wrapper from Nicaragua with an African Cameroon wrapper.

Oliva Serie V. Just like the Serie O, this is a Nicaraguan puro. The cigar is full bodied because of the filler, all ligero from the Jalapa valley. The binder is a sun grown Habano tobacco.

Oliva Serie V Melanio. This is the flagship of the Oliva brand. Specially aged ligero tobacco is used for the filler, with a Nicaraguan binder and a sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper. The figurado was ‘cigar of the year 2014’ for Cigar Aficionado magazine.

In 2008 Oliva subsidiary Studio Tobac introduced the Nub. Where the Oliva brand is a classic brand, Studio Tobac was supposed to be the edgy cousin and for a while they were. They shook the cigar industry with their ligero power bombs in the Cain line but set a new industry standard with the Nub. And we call it an industry standard because the format and idea have been praised by a lot, and copied by many. And now, ten years later, Nub is more than a brand, it’s also a size, a product at itself comparable to things like Velcro and Maggi. The idea behind the nub was simple, the best part of the cigar is always the last part. So how to get that last part flavour into the whole cigar. The solution: to use the same amount of tobacco as a toro and put it into a 4 inch cigar. That created the Nub, in four different blends.

Nub Cameroon:  A Nicaraguan filler and binder with a Cameroon wrapper, medium bodied with a nice spicy aroma
Nub Connecticut: Nicaraguan filler and binder with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. The best selling nub, mild to medium bodied.
Nub Maduro: A medium bodied, full flavoured cigar from Nicaraguan tobaccos with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper
Nub Sun Grown: in the USA this is called the Nub Habano. Nicaraguan tobaccos with an Habano wrapper from Ecuador.


the four different nub blends


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