Date: May 2024
Author: Inspector X

Don’t get fooled by the name, these cigars do not come from Nicaragua, aren’t Nicaraguan puros and don’t even have a Nicaraguan wrapper or flavour profile. The short-fillers, which are made of 100% tobacco, present the same taste profile as the Zino Nicaragua long-filler cigars in a much shorter enjoyment time of ten minutes. With this, the cigar brand for dynamic, adventurous and always-on-the-go cigar lovers positions itself even further in the convenience sector, as the cigars are pre-cut and do not require humidification.

Zino Nicaragua Short Puritos – pre-cut short-fillers for on the go

Following the addition of the pre-cut Half Corona long-filler to the Zino Nicaragua line, Zino Cigars is now adding the 100% tobacco Short Purito short-filler to its portfolio, reinforcing Zino’s brand claim “Live Life A to Zino”, which stands for enjoying life spontaneously with all twists and turns which might arise. Just like the Nicaragua name, Purito is pure marketing as the Puritos aren’t made of tobacco from just one country.

The new short-fillers are ideal for those looking for spontaneous and flexible cigar experiences no matter the place or the time. Made possible by the pre-cut format, enjoyment time and packaging, the Short Puritos represent convenience through and through, while delivering the same popular taste profile as the Zino Nicaragua long-filler cigars.

“I am thrilled that we are able to meet our customers’ needs by offering them a premium short-filler which fits their spontaneous and on-the-go lifestyle perfectly”, says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “Convenience is a decisive factor in many people’s lives today and with this launch, we are looking to expand into even more new distribution channels and acquaint aficionados and novices with the taste of Zino Nicaragua.”

The Short Purito cigars come in a handy pocket-size carton box of ten, in which each cigar carries a band and is individually cellophaned.

Taste experience – a unique blend of flavours from A to Z

Like the Zino Nicaragua long-filler cigars, the Short Purito offers the whole A to Z of flavours in a brief enjoyment time of only ten minutes. The blend of tobaccos from Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic creates an exciting and medium-intense taste experience of fresh pepper, salted nuts and dark chocolate.

Launch & availability

The new Zino Nicaragua Short Puritos will be available as of 6 June 2024 at tobacconists, tobacco retailers and convenience stores exclusively outside of the USA.

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