October 2020

Norwegian cigar enthusiasts are happy. One of the most active cigar distributors in the Scandinavian country is extending its portfolio. New cigars from different brands are heading into Norway as we speak. So far, all from brands that already have a presence on the Norwegian market. But new lines, or extensions of the current lines.

Principle cigars

One of the best sellers for Principle in Norway is the Bad Principles. Bit the Commonwealth is popular too. The Principle Commonwealth is a ten country blend and only available when Principle Cigars and Kelner Boutique Factory have the right tobaccos. When the Commonwealth is sold out, Norwegian cigar enthusiasts have more to choose from now. The line of Principle cigars is growing.

Nordic Cigars is introducing the Angelique in pink tin boxes. These sweet tipped cigars have an Ecuadorian wrapper. The filler and binder are from the Dominican Republic. Also new is the Bad Principles line in the Connecticut version. The tobacco for this cigar is aged and the cigar is aged as well. The incoming order contains cigars from the original 2013 production. That means that the cigars are aged, according to some even vintage, before hitting the Norwegian market.

Ministry of Cigars - Norwegian cigar enthusiast are happy

La Galera

it’s only been a few months since La Galera was introduced in Norway. But the brand is gaining popularity and fans. The cigars are selling well, and a new order is incoming. Included in that new order is the La Galera 80th Anniversary. And as the name says, the line is created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Tabacalera La Palma. The company is still in the hands of the same family, the Blanco family with Jochy at the wheel.

The 80th Anniversary is a box-pressed cigar available in toro and torpedo. The wrapper comes from the San Andres region in Mexico. The binder is Corojo from the Dominican Republic. The filler is all Dominican too, including Piloto Cubana, Criollo 98, and Flor. It is a medium-full and intense cigar.

Ministry of Cigars - Norwegian cigar enthusiast are happy

El Artista

New from Tabacalera El Artista is the updated Puro Ambar in different sizes. The cigar manufacturer recently changed the blend and the packaging. The new blend and the new packaging are inbound says Nordic Cigars. Also new for Norway is the Buffalo Ten Natural. Last year, Norway has the world-premiere of the Buffalo Ten Maduro and the cigar is proving to be a best-seller.

The Fugly is also available in Norway. But not under that name. Especially for Norway, the name changes to Fettenaijs. The Fettenaijs Corojo is new in the portfolio of Nordic Cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - Norwegian cigar enthusiasts are happy

Cavalier Genève

It’s only been two months since Cavalier Geneve was introduced in Norway. But the first order is sold out. The distributor is expecting a shipment in this week. The shipment includes the Robusto Extra of the Cavalier Geneve Black II line. That size is new for Norway. The Limited Edition 2019 is completely out of stock. Before the end of the year, the 2020 Limited Edition should be on the shelves of the Norwegian retailers.

Arnt Ånensen from Nordic Cigars did tell us that he’s working on a special project with Sebastian Decoppet from Cavalier Geneve. But he could not reveal what that project is. More news to follow soon, on this project, and on new cigars coming to Norway. There is more news that will make Norwegian cigar enthusiast happy.

Ministry of Cigars - Illusione Cigars distributing Cavalier Geneve
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