September 2018

Norway will get Cornelius and Anthony. The new Norwegian distributor Nordic Cigars scored a lot of new and exclusive brands to distribute in Norway. The first one that we can announce is Cornelius & Anthony.

The Bailey history

The family behind Cornelius and Anthony is active in tobacco for generations. They are tobacco growers in Virginia. Tobacco for cigarettes. They also make cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco. A few years ago, Steven Bailey wanted to expand. He loves premium cigars. So the decision to start a premium cigar brand was obvious.

Bailey hires experienced staff. Todd Vance, former sales manager for A.J. Fernandez. And Courtney Smith, former Vice President of La Palina. And through their contacts, Cornelius and Anthony starts making cigars. One line, Cornelius, in Miami. At the renowned El Titan de Bronze factory. The production for all the other lines takes place in Esteli, Nicaragua. At Tabacalera La Zona from Erik Espinosa. 

The Cornelius line comes from El Titan de Bronze. This small factory in Little Havana, Miami, has a great reputation. For years they are producing great quality cigars. Not just for themselves. They also produce the renowned La Palina Goldie. And cigars for Warped, Padilla, and others. Drew Estate master blender Willy Herrera comes from El Titan de Bronze as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Norway will get Cornelius and Anthony
The current regular production line-up from Cornelius & Anthony


The other cigars all come from Tabacalera La Zona. The Daddy Mac gets its name from Mac Bailey, Steven’s father. Señor Esugars is the family dog. The Venganza draws inspiration from a machine gun patented by one of the Bailey ancestors. Then there is the Meridian and the areal. 

Tabacalera La Zona is a small boutique factory in downtown Esteli, Nicaragua. The factory has a balcony on the second floor with the best view. If you are ever in Esteli, try to get access. Enjoy a view of the city while smoking a great cigar. Preferably a Cornelius & Anthony offering straight from the rolling table.

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