Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Norway gets protocol. The cigar brand of former law enforcement officers Juan Cancel and Bill Ives is partnering up with Nordic Cigars. Cancel and Ives met while working as police officers in New York City. As avid cigar smokers, they became friends. That friendship combined with a passion for cigars became Protocol.

Protocol Cigars

With their ideas all on paper, it was time to look for a manufacturer. That manufacturer is Erik Espinosa. Espinosa is running his brands 610, Murcielago, Laranaja, and Espinosa from Nicaragua. From a small factory with a great reputation. Tabacalera La Zona, located in downtown Esteli. And trust us, it is the best place for a cigar in the center of Esteli. Light a cigar on the balcony on the second floor. You can see the whole city, the mountains in the background, and even though it’s crowded, you will feel chill.

All the cigars from Protocol draw inspiration from law enforcement. With two former law enforcement officers at the helm, that is no surprise. The duo can draw from experience. Norway is the first European country where Protocol lands. But there is more to follow we suspect.

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