March 2021

Nordic Cigars is flooding Norway with new cigars. There is a large shipment on its way from the Dominican Republic. Another large shipment of aged cigars came in from Nashville, Tennessee.

Principle Cigars

Nordic Cigars AS, the Norwegian Distributor of Principle cigars has just bought most of the stock from Principles Warehouse in Nashville. All the cigars from this batch were produced in 2013. The aged series contains all of the Money to Burn Series. This exclusive release uses original, engraved bond certificates from 1921 in its packaging.

Also old but new to Norway are the Bad Principle Connecticut Petit Corona and the Bad Principle Robusto Extra. The last one both in the Connecticut and Maduro variety. The old stock also includes the Accomplice series Purple in the sizes Favori, Petit Pyramide, and Lagniappe. The last vintage cigar is the Accomplice Demi.

But that’s not all. There are also Principle Cigars in the shipment from the Dominican Republic. The new cigars for Norway are the Aviator Brindille and Escopette. From the Accomplice series, the Classic Lanceros and Bauble are part of the shipment. And the last new introduction for Norway is the Principle Black Gold Especiales Toro.

Other new cigars

Recently DBL cigars came with the Pipa. That’s a cigar in the shape of a pipe. All with beautiful cigar art to make the cigars even more attractive. And these DBL Pipa are coming to Norway as well.

From Tabacalera El Artista comes the Big Papi Slugger. The slugger is a 7×60 monster made by Tabacalera El Artista and former baseball star David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz.

From Tabacalera Palma, Nordic Cigars introduces two new La Galera Connecticut sizes. The Chaveta, a 5×50 Robusto. And the Pilon, a 6¼x60 Gordo. And an exclusive sampler, a wooden box with two cigars.


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