Date: January 2019
Author: Inspector Z

2019 will be the return of the Non Plus Ultra brand on the Dutch market after years of silence around the brand. Back in the day, it was a private label for distributor Longfiller Company, and the name to their shop in the beautiful town of Den Bosch. The name of the shop has changed a few times since, from Non Plus Ultra to Oliva Cigar Lounge, to Studio Tobac Cigar Lounge and has been called Van Dalen Cigars Den Bosch for the last five years. The name of the brand is even older though, it’s an old Cuban brand.

Back then, the cigars were made in a Honduran factory owned by Carlos Toraño. When Toraño sold that factory to General Cigars, which was years before he sold his whole company to General, Longfiller Company decided to discontinue the cigar. The same blend was still being sold though, under the name Gil Gonzalez Davila. That brand was and still is, being sold exclusively by the Compaenen group, a cooperation of independent tobacco retailers who combine their buying power to get special discounts and quarterly limited editions.

Longfiller Company owner Sasja van Horssen leaked pictures on facebook of a new Non Plus Ultra cigar ring. In a conversation last month he also expressed his plans to re-release the brand back onto the market. Van Horssen said that the cigars won’t be made by General Cigars but he declined to tell something about the blend or who the manufacturer is for the time being. When the cigars will hit the market, in what sizes and for what prices is yet to be determined.

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