Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

No more Tabacalera Kafie y Cia. And yes, that is a clickbait title. Kafie Cigars is still there. The factory is still there. Just under a different name. The factory is now known as Tabacalera La Union. That name better represents what the brand and the factory stand for. That’s because it’s not just the cigar factory. Tabacalera La Union also incorporates a carpentry factory for boxes. And a cellophane production unit.

With partnerships growing, Dr. Gaby Kafie felt having the cigar named after one person wasn’t right. So he came up with Tabacalera La Union. That name presents the union of Dr. Gaby Kafie, his business partner Oscar Orlando Ferrera, and the other clients of the factory. And there is another sentiment behind the name. The Kafie brand honors the family history of Dr. Gaby Kafie. His grandparents are on the Kafie Cigars logo. His grandfather Don Chukri Kafie first arrived in El Salvador in 1901 and made the small fishing village of La Unión his new home. 1901 also refers to the year his grandmother Doña Regina Kafie was born, in La Unión, El Salvador. It was important for Dr. Gaby Kafie to tell the full history of the family’s origins in Central America. Years later, in the 1940s the Kafie family moved to Honduras, where the family continues to reside to this day. In fact, Dr. Gaby Kafie is the third generation born and raised in Honduras.

Ministry of Cigars No more Tabacalera Kafie y Cia

The Kafie 1901 logo with the grandparents of Dr. Gaby Kafie

The unions

There are several collaborations under La Union. Eight small, private label, boutique brands are being made at Tabacalera La Union. Most recently El Viajante from Kerr Viajante debuted. Last month the RTB brand was announced. But the Kafie Cigars distributor in the Middle East has a private label made at the factory in Danli. That brand is named Beyond Kuwait Cigars. Besides those 8 private labels, Tabacalera La Union produces two core lines. Those are the Kafie 1901 and San Jeronimo.

But the most important union is the one between Dr. Gaby Kafie and Oscar Orlando Ferrera. Ferrera is a partner in the factory. He’s the supervisor when Dr. Gaby Kafie is not around. Besides that, Ferrera owns a box factory. That factory produces boxes for more than 75 different cigar brands. Recently more land was purchased to relocate and expand the cigar box factory in order to meet the demands for the future.

Creating jobs and keeping the cigar culture alive

Tabacalera La Union is one of the remaining 12 cigar factories in Honduras. And Dr. Gaby Kafie sees it as his mission to keep the cigar culture in Honduras alive. And he’s able to create jobs as well. Currently, Tabacalera La Union employs 104 people between cigar production, box factory, and cellophane production. “Our goal has always been to grow in a steady fashion and continue to be debt free. Not having debt allows us to take our time and do things the right way. Our focus is 100% on quality and consistency” Dr. Gaby Kafie said in an e-mail to us.

Oscar Ferrera and Dr. Gaby Kafie collectively state that the Vision of Tabacalera La Unión is to create jobs and bring prosperity to the skilled men and women of Danli, Honduras. They intend to achieve this by continuing to build their reputation in the cigar world while offering the best customer service to all our distributors, retailers, and friends. Kafie ended the e-mail with a word of thanks for the support. And that Tabacalera La Union truly appreciates the trust and confidence in our team given by distributors, retailers, and consumers.

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