Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

No International Fast Smoking Competition in Cigaragua this saturday. The announcement by Cigaragua owner Sasja van Horssen and us was a joke.

Van Horssen reached out to us last week with the plan. And since we are always up for a good joke, we agreed to be his accomplice.

According to Van Horssen, he never understood the competition part of cigar smoking. And we feel the same. Even though our editor did join the competition qualifier in Kuala Lumpur. And had a good time. Yet, cigars are to be smoked in relaxation. Either alone or with friends. It’s a peaceful habit, not a rat race.

After reading about another competition that wants to go worldwide, Van Horssen wanted to make a statement. So he came up with a crazy ‘fast smoke’ competition. To smoke an Asylum 8×80 in the shortest time possible. And even though this idea is so ridiculous, people took it seriously.

Several people emailed Cigaragua that they want to enter the competition. Yet, smoking a big cigar that fast is a guarantee for nicotine poisoning. And Van Horssen doesn’t want to make people sick. Even though both Van Horssen and we never expected to have to declare that it was a hoax, we now have to. There is NO International Fast Smoking Competition. It was all a joke.

Ministry of Cigars No International Fast Smoking Competition
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