Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Night of the tobacco in Kortrijk, Belgium. The brotherhood of Jean Nicot is hosting the night of the tobacco. It’s their 38th congress and it’s an event you don’t want to miss if you’re an avid cigar aficionado. The event will include a gala dinner, disco, dance, and cigars.

The program

The event starts with a visit to the Begijnhof and the Kortrijk Museum from 2 till 3 pm. Next up is the texture museum. After that, the congress will start, new members will be introduced. Once the congress is over, everybody will move to the night of the tobacco. There will be a gala dinner, casino games, disco, dance, and cigars. Tickets are available for 95 euro via this form. Ticket sale ends on September 20th. On the Jean Nicot facebook page, hotels with special rates are mentioned.

Ministry of Cigars - Night of the tobacco in Kortrijk
the program

Confrere de Jean Nicot

The Belgian brotherhood of Jean Nicot was founded to strive for recognition of cigar smokers. To open dialogue with anti-smoke regulators and explain the difference between cigarettes and cigars. The group gained more recognition in Belgium and The Netherlands when they brewed a beer with the use of tobacco: Jean Nicot.

Ministry of Cigars - Jean Nicot beer
Jean Nicot Maduro beer

Jean Nicot was a French diplomat and scholar who lived in the 1500s. After being an ambassador in Portugal, where he negotiated the child marriage between a six-year-old French princess and a five-year-old Portuguese king, he came back to France And he returned with the tobacco plant. He introduced snuff to the French royals and made tobacco popular. The plant was named after Nicot and got the name Nicotiana. And with that, Nicotine was named after him as well.

Nicot believed in the healing abilities of the tobacco plant. That is the reason why he introduced the plant to the French court. For his achievements, he was given the name ‘De Villemain’ and some land. It’s there where he wrote one of the first French dictionaries. And now he’s the center of attention on the night of the tobacco in Kortrijk.

Ministry of Cigars Night of the tobacco in Kortrijk
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