Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Newman cigars are available in Sweden. Last December, the Swedish distributor Global Cigars introduced several J.C. Newman products to the Swedish market in a series of events.

Registration fees

The Swedish government has strict rules when it comes to tobacco. To introduce a new cigar, distributors have to pay a registration fee. There is a one time fee of 13600 SEK (approximately €1306) per SKU. After that, there is a yearly fee of 2700 (approximately €260) SEK per SKU. That makes introducing the whole range of cigars quite expensive. Due to those fees, Swedish cigar distributors have to cherry pick. They will only introduce the best selling sizes of the brands they represent.

The line-up

Global Cigars picked the robusto sizes of several J.C. Newman lines to be introduced first. If the introduction is successful, and there is demand for other vitolas, the portfolio will be expended. For the Quorum Shade line and the Cuesta Rey Centenario line, other vitolas were picked.

For now, the following lines are available: Julius Ceasar, Brick House Connecticut, Brick House Maduro, Quorum Shade Delgado, and Cuesta Rey Centenario Cameo. Global Cigars told us that they would like to introduce the Cuesta Rey Natural and the Cuesta Rey Maduro too.

The photos, provided by Global Cigars are from the events that took place in December. The events took place at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco in Gothenburg,  Hotell Havanna in Varberg, and Yx-Tobak in Borås.

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