Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

A few days ago we published that Cigaragua would be the first, and probably the only, shop in The Netherlands to sell the Hamlet culebra. Now when the culebras will land is uncertain yet. That doesn’t mean that Rocky Patel fans have to wait on new cigars, since a few new lines are now available in The Netherlands.

Rocky Patel’s ALR, which got introduced in Europe during the Intertabac trade show late September, is now available. ALR stands for ‘aged, limited and rare’ since only 100.000 cigars have been made, and aged since 2015. The blend consists of Nicaraguan tobacco as binder and filler, with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Rocky Patel ALR is available in robusto (€9,00), toro (€9,50) and grande (€10,00) as long as the stock lasts.

Another new blend is the Rocky Patel Tavicua, named after his factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. It’s an all Nicaraguan cigar except for the Mexican San Andres wrapper. And made at Tavicusa of course. The cigars are available as robusto (€9,75), toro (€10,50) and sixty (€11,00)

Earlier this year, Rocky Patel brought back an old classic. The Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve was very popular but discontinued in 2012 due to a lack of the Costa Rican wrapper. But now they are back, in two blends, from two factories. And the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro is made at Tavicusa, in Nicaragua. That cigar, made with Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, a Nicaraguan binder and a Costa Rican Maduro wrapper, is now available in The Netherlands. Three sizes are for sale, robusto (€9,50), toro (€9,75) and sixty (€10,50).

But that’s not all, Hamlet Paredes hasn’t been forgotten. Next to the culebras there are two new Hamlet cigars available in The Netherlands. First is the Hamlet 25th salomon with a price tag of 10 euro. But also the Liberation is now for sale. This is a unique cigar. Hamlet freerolls a lot of cigars at events, not using molds. So he wanted to do something crazy and he came up with a 6 1/2 x55 sized cigar. That’s not unique, but the shaggy foot of one inch is. The cigars have an 11 euro price tag.

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