Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

New Rocky Patel cigars for Cigaragua. At the IPCPR Trade show last month, Rocky Patel showed off a few new cigars. The Dutch distributor for The Netherlands, Sasja van Horssen, revealed he’s trying to get them all. Some of the cigars will be Cigaragua exclusive. Others will be available throughout the country.

The new cigars

One cigar line that won’t be available in Cigaragua is the new Rocky Patel LB1. That’s because the cigars aren’t rolled in Tavicusa, Patel’s Nicaraguan factory. The LB1 is coming from Honduras, where Patel has a joint venture with Plasencia. The cigars come with fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. The fillers and the binder come from Patel’s own farms in Nicaragua. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano. It’s unclear which of the five sizes Van Horssen is aiming for. The sizes available are 6×44 Corona, 5½x50 Robusto, 6½x52 Toro, 6×60 Sixty, and a 7×48 Churchill with a shaggy foot.

The same thing goes for the Rocky Patel Number 6. The name comes from the blend, this was the 6th blend for the cigar. Originally Patel wanted to use the name Legacy but that was taken by another brand. The cigar has a Corojo wrapper from Honduras. The binder is Honduran Corojo too. The filler comes from Honduras and Nicaragua. The Rocky Patel Number 6 has the exact same sizes as the Rocky Patel LB1.


The other new lines are coming from Nicaragua. From the Tavicusa factory. And those cigars will be available in all sizes in Cigaragua. And maybe in one or two sizes nationwide. The Java series are made for Patel by Drew Estate. That’s because Patel doesn’t have the set up to make infused cigars as Drew Estate does.

Last year, Patel released the Aged, Limited, and Rare. That was a limited edition that had been sleeping in the aging room for a few years. This year, the company is releasing the Rocky Patel Aged Limited Rare Second Edition. A new blend, new packaging, and a new shape. Box pressed this time and limited to 40.000 cigars per size. The cigar is made with Nicaraguan filler and binder. The wrapper comes from Mexico’s San Andres region. The cigar comes in a 5½x52 Robusto, 6½x52 Toro, and a 6×60 Sixty. The release is scheduled for October.

The Hamlet Liberation was released last year. But there will two new sizes. A 5×50 Robusto and a 5⅝x46 Corona Gorda. The robusto will make its European debut at the Dutch Big Smoke. The cigars are made from an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder. The filler comes from Honduras and Nicaragua.

Ministry of Cigars New Rocky Patel cigars for Cigaragua

And then there is the Java. There will be a Petit Corona in a 4×32 size. They will come in tins of 10. All the different Java lines will be getting them. So the Java Mint, Java Latte, and the Java Maduro will be available for a short smoke. Great for a smoke break with the cigarette smoking colleagues at the office.

Van Horssen could not say when the cigar would be available. He only said he is working with Rocky Patel to get the cigars to The Netherlands as soon as possible.

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