Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

New Robusto magazine is available for download. If you can read the beautiful Dutch language and you’re into cigars, check out the online magazine Robusto. Our friends from this great Belgian magazine have released their fifth edition, and it’s available for free download from their website.


Ministry of Cigars - New Robusto magazine is available for download

Robusto Magazine is one of the three Belgian cigar magazines. The other two are Aroma G and El Gusto. Yet Robusto Magazine is available for download, and that makes it different than the other two. El Gusto and Aroma G are distributed through bookstores and tobacconists in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Both Aroma G and El Gusto offer both a Dutch and a French version of their printed magazine.

All three Belgian magazines release two editions each year. One spring and summer edition, and one edition for autumn and winter. The autumn and winter edition 2018 of Robusto Magazine is the 5th installment. All back issues are still downloadable as well in pdf format. And they are worth downloading and reading, while puffing on your favorite stogie.

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