June 2020

New Lonsdale for Tabak Especial. On June 11th, Drew Estate will be showing off the new line-extension for the coffee-infused Tabak Especial cigars online. The event will take place during the Freestyle Live: Special Edition hosted on facebook.com/drewestatecigar on June 11th from 7:00-9:00 pm EST.


The Lonsdale vitola is a classic 6¾x44 size. But just like other classics with thin ring gauges, it’s underappreciated by the public. There is a small hardcore group of fans of the vitola. The same group that loves the 7×38 Lancero size. And that group consists mostly of experienced cigar enthusiasts that have been around the block a few times. Thin cigars provide so much more dynamics than thicker vitolas due to the wrapper to filler ratio.

Both the Tabak Especial blends, the Dulce, and the Negra will now come in this beautiful and elegant vitola. The cigars are released in ten-count boxes and will appeal to the lovers of coffee infused cigars.

Tabak Especial

Jonathan Drew Founder and President of Drew Estate said “I remember back when we created the coffee-infused space in like 2002, we used to tell dudes to burn one in the morning with their coffee … and they’d laugh at us … until they actually tried it. Then, they were like “wow, these Tabak are str8 fire.” So, here we are, 18 years later. We wanted to drop a Tabak Especial that’s really regal, something majestic and upscale, but it had to have a high wrapper component … and this forgotten Lonsdale size was the perfect selection. This royal Lonsdale’s got mad, heavy wrapper game and stupidity level taste, fresh gold elegance dripping all over that burner. Indeed, very proud to say that our gold gilded Lonsdale is pure class and satisfaction. On another note, its somewhat surprising to see just how many hard-core, full-bodied, strong cigar smokers really love our coffee infused selections, especially Tabak Especial. It’s all love.”

The Tabak Especial Dulce is made with Nicaraguan fillers wrapped in a Sumatra binder. For the wrapper, Drew Estate uses a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper. This cigar is a perfect pairing with a morning coffee. The Tabak Especial Negra is great as a cigar substitute for an after-dinner espresso. The Maduro wrapper gives the cigar more punch and more sweetness.

Drew Estate did not release information if the new Tabak Especial Dulce and Negra Lonsdale would be available for the company’s international distributors.

Ministry of Cigars - New Lonsdale for Tabak Especial

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