July 2019

New La Casa del Habano opened in England. It’s the second La Casa del Habano owned by C.Gars Ltd. It is located in Knutsford-Cheshire, in between the major cities Liverpool and Manchester.

The shop opens today at 10 Minshull Street. On the ground floor, you will find the walk-in humidor, members lockers and the rest of the shop. The shop is stacked with the full range of La Casa del Habano specialties. And it has some rare items too, such as limited edition humidors and Coleccion Habanos books. The sampling room & lounge is located on the first floor.
 Opening hours will be Monday to Saturday, 
from 10 am to 6 pm.

C.Gars Ltd

This is not the first La Casa del Habano by C. Gars Ltd. The largest cigar merchant of the United Kingdom operates the La Casa del Habano Chester as well. They also own and operate the Turmeaus shops, located all over the country. But they are best known for their auctions of rare and vintage cigars.According to Mitchell Orchant, managing director of C. Gars Ltd, was a no-brainer. It allows the company to continue its substantial growth in Cuban cigars. And with the ability to buy and sell more highly sought after limited editions, it is a welcome addition to the retail outlets.

Mitchel Orchant has linked his name to the Orchant Seleccion series. These series include both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. The Orchant Seleccion by Drew Estate is scheduled for a release this summer.

Ministry of Cigars New La Casa del Habano opened in England
Mitchell Orchant, managing director C.Gars Ltd

La Casa del Habano is a franchise formula, owned by Habanos. We wrote about the concept in a special recently. The new location is added to the list, as we constantly update it when new shops open or close.

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