Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

New Habanos specialist and cigar for Bulgaria. The 2019 Edicion Limitada from Quai d’Orsay arrived in the Eastern European country. And the exclusive distributor for Habanos in Bulgaria, Kaliman Caribe, opens another Habanos Specialist store. The store’s location is inside a hotel. The world-famous Hyatt Regency Sofia.

The brand new cigar shop is the only retail shop at the Hyatt Regency Sofia. The store carries a select portfolio of Cuban cigars and accessories and offers a luxurious experience. The Habanos specialist shop meets the high standards of the prestigious hotel chain with its product range and interior design.

Quai D’Orsay Senadores

All the while, the Quai d’Orsay Senadores are available in Bulgaria as well. The Quai d’Orsay Senadores is a Grand Corona, 6 3/16×48. It comes in boxes of 25. The brand has a history with France. The brand gets its name the street where the French tobacco company was located. The French tobacco company merged with the Spanish tobacco company and that created Altadis. The merged company is now owned by Alliance Limited since Imperial Brands sold it a few weeks ago.

The Quai d’Orsay Senadores was launched at a party in Paris last September. It was first introduced in 1973 after the then-minister of finance wondered why there was no French cigar on the market. The brand has always been a niche brand for Habanos. Nowadays there is a real French cigar with the name Hedon, previously known as Navarre. The tobacco for that cigar is comes from the South of France, near the Spanish border.

Ministry of Cigars - New Habanos specialist and cigar for Bulgaria

Kaliman Caribe

Founded in 1995, Kaliman Caribe is the exclusive distributor of the prestigious brand of hand made Habanos cigars. Not just in Bulgaria, but also in Albany, Armenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Romania. The company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is playing a key role in the positioning and distribution of high-class tobacco products. The distribution doesn’t end with Habanos cigars. The other cigars from the Alliance Limited (formerly Imperial Brands) portfolio such as VegaFina, Casa de Garcia, Don Diego, and Flor de Copan are part of the portfolio. As are some liquor, including the famous Cohiba cognac by Martell. 

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