Date: March 2019
Author: Inspector Z

About seven years ago, a new distributor for premium cigars showed up in The Netherlands. It was Cigar Agent, owned and operated by Wim Sanders. Sanders wrote a few books on the Dutch dry cured short fillers before.

Cigar Agent is responsible for bringing Gurkha, Bespoke, Royal Danish, Epic, Blanco Cigars, and a few other brands into The Netherlands. Yet now, some of those brands will be transferred to a new distributor, Kelch Trading.

Kelch Trading & Tabakado

Kelch Trading is the new company of Mariska Kelch. Mariska runs the Tabakado cigar shop in Eindhoven, which was started by her parents. She also created the El Piño Blanco cigars together with David Blanco as a private label. We reviewed the El Piño Blanco Maduro in the recent past. Kelch and her Tabakado team are also responsible for the yearly Meet & Greet in the Eindhoven region, Cigar celebrities from several companies are there to meet with Dutch aficionados. Last year, Tony Gomez (La Flor Dominicana), David Blanco (Blanco Cigars), Juan Lopez (Gurkha), Nirka Reyes (Reyes Cigars), Jeremy Casdagli (Bespoke) and Philip Zanghi (Debonaire/Indian Motorcycles) were the guests of honor at the event.

Ministry of Cigars - New distributor in The Netherlands

The brands Alfambra, Bespoke, El Piño Blanco, Gurkha, Hiram & Solomon, Los Blancos, and Royal Danish Cigars will be in the hands of Kelch Trading from May first. More details about the change of distributors will be revealed during an event, hosted by both Cigar Agent and Kelch Trading. The event is only for Dutch retailers and will take place on April 14th.

Facebook statement

On Facebook, Cigar Agent Wim Boudewijn released a statement about his decision to hand over the distribution of these brands in The Netherlands and to dissolve his distribution company.

Due to a growing amount of companies who are using my Administrative Services for Cigar Registration in the European Union and the growing amount of work which comes with this, I’ve decided to discontinue my activities as Importer of Handmade Premium Cigars for the Netherlands.
This step will give me much more time to concentrate on all the ongoing and upcoming aspects of the registration process of cigars within the EU, which, as I can tell you, are and will be extensive!
I’m very pleased to say, that all my importation activities will be taken over by the company Kelch Trading, owned by Mariska Kelch. 
I’m confident that all the brands that I’ve been representing till now and all my former customers are in good, trustworthy and knowledgeable hands.
Although all this officially will take place on May 1st, 2019, the process of transfer is already starting as of now.
I like to thank everyone for their trust, support and friendship that I’ve experienced in the past years. It’s been a great pleasure and honor and one of the greatest treasures of my life!

Only the brands mentioned above will be represented by Kelch Trading, although other brands might be added in the future according to Mariska.

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