Date: March 2020
Author: Inspector Z

New Davidoff travel humidors. The Swiss company has announced two new Davidoff travel humidors. Those are the Outdoor and the Explorer 2020. The innovative travel humidors were developed with the goal of meeting the needs of every stylish cigar aficionado. The travel humidors are expected to be for sale next month via Davidoff appointed merchants.

The design

For these two new models, Davidoff approached Marcello Bottino. Bottino is an Italian designer and craftsman, renowned for his exacting technological design standards. He selected lightweight materials and designed a smart tray designed exclusively for keeping cigars protected. Innovative welding techniques of fabrics were used to lock in the humidity. new Davidoff travel humidors include a 2-way humidity device by Boveda to ensure that cigars are kept at their best for up to 45 days. 

 “With the Davidoff travel humidor, we not only reinvent the way cigar aficionados can bring cigars on their travel. But we also do it with Davidoff’s iconic elegance and style. By expanding our travel humidor line we offer aficionados the best, most convenient, lightweight and protective solution for traveling with cigars,” explains Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “The challenges that Marcello Bottino had to address when designing the travel humidors were manifold,” continues Edward Simon. “The choice of materials had to be fully compatible with cigars; the technology needed to enable the humidity to be locked inside the fabric humidor and last but not least, the protection of the cigars needed to be guaranteed while ensuring a lightweight and allow small packing format.” 

Davidoff travel humidor – Outdoor 2020

The new generation Outdoor 2020 humidor combines style with functionality. It allows innovative closing with a roll-up top bag and a clasp button to keep the cigars in perfect condition. The top fabric is made of corium recycled leather, a natural material made from leather, which is very resistant and has a modern look and feel. The Outdoor travel humidor holds eight cigars and comes in an appealing combination of dark (leather) and light grey (cotton) colors. Weight: 679g / Dimension: 31 x 25 x 4 cm

Davidoff travel humidor – Explorer 2020

The Explorer 2020 humidor comes in a sporty look and feel. It comes with a finger loop, a well-known and handy feature found on many outdoor products, which secures the flap (on one side) and helps to carry the humidor. The magnet closing system allows an easy and secure closing. In addition, the humidor offers a pocket located under the flap to store accessories (e.g. lighter, cutter and matches). Mainly made of polyamide, a technical fabric usually used for bike and running wear, makes it very resistant to abrasion, stain proof and washable. This humidor holds eight cigars, comes in navy blue, while the royal blue finger loop gives it a nice touch. Weight: 623g / Dimension: 31 x 29 x 4 cm 

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