Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

New cigars in Norway. The Norwegian cigar and accessory distributor Nordic Cigars brought in new cigars from Schuster, Roma Craft and Fratello for the Norwegian brothers and sisters of the leaf to enjoy. And they will launch the Le Petit by Les Fines Lames before they are going on a ten-day cigar safari to the Dominican Republic.

The new cigars

Norwegian winters are brutal. So for those that can’t enjoy a cigar indoors, it’s hard. That’s why Nordic Cigars decided to introduce two cigarillos from Schuster Cigars. The German brand Trüllerie is available in two sizes.

Schuster Cigars is also the distributor for RoMa Craft when it comes to the international markets. And through Schuster, Nordic Cigars was able to introduce the RoMa Craft Cromagnon Anthropology. The Cromagnon blend was available in Norway in other sizes, the Anthropology is a line addition. But that’s not all, the RoMa Craft Aquitaine Knuckle Dragger is introduced on the Norwegian market as well.

There is also news from Fratello. The Fratello Piccolo is another perfect small cigar for the Norwegian winters. The DMV series for both Maryland and Texas found their way to Norway as well. Just like the Space Packs that include some cigar that can’t be bought elsewhere such as the Fratello Arlequin.

Les Fines Lames

Nordic Cigars is also the distributor for Les Fines Lames. They will do an online launch event for Le Petit. If you want to be part of it, contact Nordic Cigars and they will provide you with a link. The producer of the knives will be online ready to answer all questions.

And in February, Nordic Cigar is taking a group of customers to the Dominican Republic. The 10-day trip was sold out within days. The cigar safari includes factory visits and probably copious amounts of rum.


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