Date: September 2020
Author: Inspector Z

New cigars from PP Rubens in Belgium. Two new blends are emerging, both with two new sizes. Premium handmade longfillers from the Dominican Republic. Created by Victor Sinclair exclusively for MaranCigars, a distributor active in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. 

The cigars are available in the blends Samson and Delilah. The lines are referring to Rubens’s famous Samson & Delilah painting from 1610. The painting is currently viewable to the public at the National Gallery in London. Both cigars are available in a Robusto and a Torpedo size. The Robusto has a price tag of €7,90, the Torpedo of €9,40. The Delilah is made with Broadleaf from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Piloto from the Dominican Republic as filler. A Dominican Olor is used as a binder. The wrapper comes from Ecuador and is of Connecticut Shade variety. The Samson is stronger, with a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The binder is Dominican Piloto. The filler contains Dominican Piloto, USA Pennsylvanian Broadleaf, and Nicaraguan Criollo.

Ministry of Cigars - New cigars from PP Rubens in Belgium
Samson & Delilah by Peter Paul Rubens (1610)

P.P. Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens was a painter and diplomat from Antwerp. Born in 1577, and he passed away 1640. He grew up in Cologne, Germany, and Antwerp, Belgium. His inspiration in art was the time when he worked as a diplomat in Italy. The historic art stole his heart. He then moved to Spain and a few years later he was appointed as the royal painter. Rubens is the most prolific representative of a style called Flemisch Baroque painting.

But that’s not all. IN 1907, a Belgian cigar manufacturer started making P.P. Rubens cigars. In 1936 the production moved the Arendonk. And for decades, P.P. Rubens cigars were produced. Dry-cured, short filler cigars. The brand finally disappeared but MaranCigars registered the names again. So now there are new cigars from PP Rubens in Belgium. Instead of re-creating the original dry-cured short filler cigars, they choose to create premium handmade longfillers under the P.P. Rubens’s name. The cigars are available in Belgium. Time will tell if MaranCigars will introduce the cigars in The Netherlands and Luxembourg too.

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