February 2020

New cigars for Oscar Valladares. At the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas last week, Oscar Valladares showcased two new cigars. One line extension for The Oscar Maduro and a completely new line for the SuperFly brand.

In 2017 Oscar Valladares released The Oscar Maduro. That was a spin-off from his popular The Oscar Habano line. And now Valladares is adding a 5¼x44 Corona to the line-up. The cigar is made in Honduras. The fillers come from Honduras and Nicaragua. The cigar uses a Honduran binder with a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. And just like many other Oscar cigars, the cigar is protected by another leaf instead of cellophane. For The Oscar Maduro, Valladares picked a candela leaf, that has to be removed before smoking.

Super Fly

Last year Valladares used the 1970s funk phrase Super fly for a new line of cigars. And he created artwork and boxes to fit with the theme. Funky colors, purple fur, the whole shebang. And now he’s adding a new Super Fly line to his portfolio. The Super Fly Connecticut. 

The Super Fly Connecticut is made with a Honduran Connecticut Shade wrapper. The binder is also from Honduras. The fillers come from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. The cigars will be packed in ten-count boxes. Only one size will be available for now, and that’s a 5½x44 Corona

Ministry of Cigars - New cigars for Oscar Valladares

Both new cigars are made at Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co in El Paraiso, Danli, Honduras. 


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