Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

New cigar brands for Angola. The most active cigar distributor in Angola, Primazia Decorama, signed distribution agreements with two new brands. Brands from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This follows the news from last month when Cavalier de Geneve announced a distribution partnership with Primazia Decorama. The Honduran made Cavalier de Geneve are expected to land in the Western African country soon.

Foundation Cigar Company

Mid 2015, Nick Melillo, started Foundation Cigar Company. But he isn’t a new player. The Chief of Broadleaf as his nickname is earned his stripes at Drew Estate. He was running production at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua but had many roles within the company before he parted ways and started Foundation Cigar Company.

Foundation Cigar Company makes several lines, such as The Wiseman, Tabernacle, Charter Oak, and more. The cigars are produced at two different factories in Esteli, Nicaragua. Melillo uses the factory of Aganorsa Leaf, Tabacos Valle de Jalapa also known as TABSA. The other factory Foundation Cigar Company is using is Nicaraguan American Cigars SA.

With recent new distribution in Malaysia, Foundation Cigar Company is starting to branch out internationally. As far as we know, Angola is the first African country where Foundation cigars are officially imported.

Ministry of Cigars - New cigar brands for Angola

Meluha Cigars

Another new brand for Angola is Meluha Cigars. Meluha is an ancient mythical place of pure earth. According to the Meluha website, each component of Meluha cigars is true to its name. The name was picked as the founders believe in the spiritually uplifting and purity of the cigars. 

The cigars are made in Costa Rica, with tobacco aged a minimum of seven years. There are three sizes available, yet all with the same ring gauge. Every Meluha cigar has a whopping ring gauge of 66. The size goes from 4 inches of the Maeuha Mystic to 6 inches on the Meluha Magnum. In between, there is a 5-inch Meluha Mustang.

Ministry of Cigars - New cigar brands for Angola

Men’s emporium

As soon as the cigars arrive in Luanda, they are available at Primazia Decorama’s retail shop Men’s Emporium. But the cigars are also distributed to other tobacconists, lounges, and hotels all over Angola.

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