Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

New Berlin airport has a cigar lounge. The Zeitgeist cigar lounge is located in the VIP area of the brand new airport. But for a fee, it is open to regular passengers as well. The lounge is independent of any airline. The renowned Berlin cigar retailer Maximilian Herzog operates the lounge. The two La Casa del Habano stores in the German capital are also part of the Herzog family, as is the Zigarren Herzog tobacconist. The lounge is located behind security, so if you fly from the brand new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, check-in early and start your trip with a cigar. 

Ministry of Cigars - New Berlin Airport gets Cigar Lounge
The humidor at the Zeitgeist lounge

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The airport is finally operational. Delay after delay caused the airport to open 13 years after the projected opening date. The first plans aimed to open in 2007. That was delayed to 2011, and now the airport is finally open. When the Berlin Wall fell, and after Germany’s reunion, plans for a new airport were unveiled. In 1996 the location received approval. 18 kilometers south-east of the city center. But then the trouble starts. A failed attempt to privatize the airport causes the first delay. In 2003, the cities of Brandenburg, Berlin, and the German federal government create a holding to finance and build the airport.

The second part of the problem is financing. The calculated building costs were €2.83 billion. But by 2012, the actual costs were over €4.3 billion. And the airport wasn’t even close to being opened. In the end, the cost would be €6.5 billion. Almost three times as much as originally budgeted. And that is excluding the close to €3 billion needed to expand in the next decade to come. 

Intercontinental flights

Even though Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is expecting to become the third busiest airport in Germany, it will only serve a handful of intercontinental flights. The majority of the flights are within Europe. The intercontinental flights are mostly to the Middle East, to places like Beirut and Dubai. But there is one American destination in the planning, Newark, starting in 2021. And one to Beijing China. There are no other flights to the Far East, Central, and North America or Africa in the plans. The Singaporean price fighter Scoot had plans for a line between Berlin and Singapore but canceled the plans. So did American Airlines for a direct flight to Philadelphia and Delta for flights to New York City.

But, if you happen to fly to the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, you know there is a spot to enjoy a cigar. Something many other international airports should look at. As there aren’t many airports that provide a nice spot to enjoy a quality cigar before a long flight to your next destination.

header photo credit: Photo by reisetopia on Unsplash

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