October 2020

New accessories for Norway. Nordic Cigars isn’t just a cigar importer and distributor. The company is also the exclusive and official distributor of Les Fines Lames and Colibri. Nordic Cigars is representing both brands and distributes their accessories to shops all over Norway. There are new cigar accessories on its way to Norway.

Les Fines Lames

A few new items are on its way from France. The shipment includes a new batch of Les Fines Lames Le Petit cigar knives. Some of the latest editions are coming. The compass series for example. And a new, unreleased collaboration with Casdagli Cigars, the Les Fines Lames Le Petit Casdagli Edition.

Completely new from Les Fines Lames is the ashtray collection. The company hand-makes concrete ashtrays on the outskirts of Paris. Two different designs, both available in five colors. The ashtrays carry the name DYAD or MONAD. According to Les Fines Lames, the ashtrays find balance and simplicity. It is an ode to the spirit of the cigar and the unity achieved between the individual and the product.

Ultra high-performance mortar makes the MONAD and DYAD ashtrays. It is a designer material that allows playing with shapes, sensations, and colors. This material widens the horizon of concrete based products that can now be used to create real works of art. Since each ashtray is made by hand, they all have different imperfections. That makes them unique.

The ashtrays are available in the colors Grey, Anthracite, Green, Red, and Blue. Due to the material, ultra-high-performance mortar, these ashtrays are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The relationship between Colibri and Nordic Cigars is strong. When Arnt Anensen launched Nordic Cigars, Colibri was the first company to get on board. Not without success as the brand is growing rapidly in Norway. Colibri is also sending new accessories to Norway. Ashtrays, humidors but also the latest new finishes of the very popular S-Cut cigar cutters.

Ministry of Cigars - New accessories for Norway

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