July 2020

My Father to release Fonseca this fall. The cigars are expected to reach American retailers in September. But in an e-mail to us, the Garcia family put a disclaimer. Considering the current pandemic which is still creating having in North and Central America, it is possible that the cigars will be delayed. The cigars will only be available on the American market, due to trademarks. Internationally, Habanos owns the Fonseca brand name. In the United States, the trademark is owned by My Father Cigars.

A little history

In 1892, Don Francisco E. Fonseca established a cigar factory in Havana, Cuba. It’s there where he started to create cigars with the family name. The brand is still being produced, but no longer as a privately-owned brand. It’s part of the Cubatabaco and Habanos operations. When the brands and factories were nationalized by the Castro clan, a new world Fonseca showed up. And since then, the brand is produced in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

For decades the brand was owned and produced by the Quesada family in the Dominican Republic. But last December, the Garcia family surprised the cigar industry and acquired the brand. It means a full circle, as Don Pepin Garcia worked for the Fonseca brand in Cuba in the past. With the sale of the brand, production moved from the Quesada Cigars factory to the My Father Cigars factory. From the Dominican Republic to Nicaragua.

The new blend

Don Pepin, Jaime Garcia, and the team created the new blend out of tobaccos grown by the Garcia family. The family has several fincas in Nicaragua. The wrapper is a shade-grown Corojo 99 Rosado. The cigars are rich, earthy and with a tamed spice to fit the smooth and light profile that is characteristic for the Fonseca brand.

The Cuban Fonseca is known for its white tissue paper packaging. My Father Cigars is keeping that tradition. The 5⅜x42 Cosacos is wrapped in white tissue paper as well. The 6¼x52 Cedros is wrapped in cedar, which is appropriate for a cigar with that name. The other vitolas do not have special packaging. The other sizes are a 5½x54 Belicoso, 5¼x52 Robusto, 6×55 Toro Gordo, and a 4¼x40 Petit Corona. The cigars come in boxes of 20 cigars. But the tissue paper wrapper Cosacos also comes in beautiful tins of five cigars.

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