Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

My Father Cigars and Tatuaje are finally available in Spain. It is hard to imagine that one of the most praised cigar manufacturers wasn’t available in the second largest cigar market in Europe. But My Father Cigars did not have distribution in Spain, until now.

La Casa del Tabaco, the premium cigars division of Gesinta, signed a distribution deal with the Garcia family and Pete Johnson. Gesinta is the largest independent tobacco distributor in Spain. They distribute mass-market products, just as premium cigars. Other brands they distribute are Oliva, Perdomo, J.C. Newman, E.P. Carrillo and more. And they are the parent company of the Condega cigar brand.

My Father Cigars

The Garcia Family only founded their company 16 years ago, in 2003. They opened a small factory in Miami, on Calle Ocho in the Little Havana part of town. Within 6 years they grew so much that they had to open a brand new factory in Nicaragua. And within 15 years after founding My Father Cigars, two of their cigars were voted ‘cigar of the year’ by Cigar Aficionado. 

The first private label the family made was for Pete Johnson. His brand is called Tatuaje and he’s been with the family from day one. With success, as Tatuaje is one of the most renowned boutique brands on the market. With a strong fanbase that loves every single blend. In the last 16 years, only one Tatuaje didn’t come out of the My Father Cigar factories, and that cigar has been discontinued over a decade ago. The relaunched version of that cigar, the Tatuaje Nuevitas, is made by the Garcias.

Ministry of Cigars My Father Cigars and Tatuaje are finally available in Spain
Pete Johnson & Don Pepin Garcia (photo credit: la casa del tabaco)

Casa del Tabaco didn’t declare what lines and sizes from both My Father and Tatuaje they would distribute first. Just that they expect the first shipment soon. And with a brand new European warehouse in The Netherlands, shipping shouldn’t take that long. Spanish cigar aficionados can enjoy their Flor de Las Antillas, Tatauje, My Father or Don Pepin cigars real soon.

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